Goddess Bree Olson Arrested


Look’s like Charlie’s goddess Bree Olson has gotten into a little bit of trouble with the law. Bree Olson was reported to be seen masturbating in public on a street corner. This wasn’t the porn star’s first run in with the law. Bree was arressted wearing pink booty shirts, ripped nylons, high heels and a tanktop with her real perky breasts exposed. Bree was handcuffed and put into the back of the police car without an incident.


Porn star Bree Olson, who just happens to be one of Charlie’s two live in “goddesses” as he calls them, has always had a fantasy of getting into trouble with the police and using her skills to get out of it. Watch as the blonde Bree is put down on her knee’s in a dirty alley and is told to start sucking the policeman’s huge cock beside his squad car. This porn star has had alot of practice before so she knew exactly how to take his cock down her throat.


Before the cop cum’s he puts Bree up on the hood of his car and starts to fuck her tight pink pussy roughly from behind, pounding her as hard as he can. The cop finishes all over her pussy right out in public, then leaves her half naked and fucked on the side of the road. Get the whole video only from her personal website BreeOlson.com tonight!


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Kacey Jordan Talks About Her Abortion

Pornstar Kacey Jordan who got the 30 thousand dollar check from Charlie for their booze and coke sex romp, talks with RadarOnline.com about her abortion that could have been Charlie’s. Click here for the full story.

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Capri Anderson’s Come Fuck Me Look


The stunningly beautiful Capri Anderson has a very unique come fuck me look. This brunette was the pornstar that Charlie partied with in New York till he trashed the hotel room looking for the watch that he claimed she stole. Capri has perfect perky tits and a nice round very fuckable ass, so I can’t blame Charlie too much.

capri-anderson-fuck-me-look-02 capri-anderson-fuck-me-look-03

As Capri Anderson bend’s over she gives a perfect view of her tight pink pussy. I would pay to fuck Capri Anderson and I’m pretty sure most guys will agree with me that it would definately be worth the money! If you want to see more of Capri Anderson, then head over to ClubCapriAnderson.com and signup today!

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Kacey Jordan Gets Stuffed


Tiny Kacey Jordan loves to prove that she can compete with the big girls with it comes to taking huge cock. Kacey strips for the camera, peeling off her lace white and baby blue panties, bends over and shows off her tiny pink pussy. Petite twenty year old Kacey then takes the huge cock into her 90 lb body. Kacey’s tiny pussy is almost ripped open as she gets fucked hard and fast by her new male friend. Kacey then finishes him off with a sweet blowjob and takes his cum all over her face and perky small tits.

kacey-jordan-getting-fucked-02 kacey-jordan-getting-fucked-03

kacey-jordan-getting-fucked-04 kacey-jordan-getting-fucked-05

Petite teen Kacey Jordan loves the cock and loves to get fucked hard and fast. Click here to watch videos of Kacey Jordan in action getting stuffed by a huge cock.

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Bree Olson, Charlie’s Award Winning Pornstar


Meet Bre Olson, an award winning pornstar. Bre has won 2009 AVN Best New Web Starlet, 2011 AVN Crossover Star of the Year and Favorite Starlet of the Year at the 2010 F.A.M.E. Awards. Turns out this little blonde bombshell spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Charlie in a 40 thousand a night suite. Rumor is that the entire suite was completely trashed by Charlie and his pornstar entourage. I wonder if Bre made more or less then Kacey Jordan?

bree-olson-getting-naked-02 bree-olson-getting-naked-03

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Charlie Wants To Help Lindsay Lohan

Charlie think’s he can help Lindsay Lohan? Click here to read more.

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Melanie Rios Gets Stuffed


As you can tell Charlie has no specific taste in his pornstars. Big tits, small tits, blonde, brunette, it doesn’t matter to Charlie. Melanie Rios was at Charlie’s the night that Kacey earned her 30 thousand dollar check! I wonder if Melanie made any money that night?


Penthouse cover girl Melanie Rio’s loves to get her tight pink pussy stuffed. Watch as this latin teen sucks and fucks until she gets a huge load of cum all over her pretty face and down onto her perky breasts. Click here if you want to watch her videos today!

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Kacey Jordan Blowjob

kacey-jordan-blowjob-01 kacey-jordan-blowjob-02

One of Charlie’s biggest stories of late is the 30 thousand dollar check that he wrote for pornstar Kacey Jordan. I hope that was some really good sex from this petite blonde with her perky little tits and tight pink pussy. Obviously Kacey has had alot of practice since she has been giving blowjob since she was atleast 18, and as you can see here from these pictures from the website Only Teen Blowjobs she is really good at it, just ask Charlie.


Want to watch more of Kacey Jordan sucking off this guy until he explodes all over her pretty face and tiny body? Click here for the free video!

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Charlie’s First Porn Star Capri Anderson


Capri Anderson is a 21 year old pornstar from New York City, as you can tell Capri is not a shy girl. Capri Anderson was one of the first porn stars to be linked to Charlie after a night of drinking and dinner in New York, they went back to his hotel room, who knows what happened next but apparently Charlie thought Capri stole his expensive watch, police were called, the tabloids came running, and thus began Charlie’s descent into pornstar fever.

capri-anderson-strips-nude-02 capri-anderson-strips-nude-03

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Welcome To Charlies Porn Angels

Charlie wanted to create his own porn family, but once he sobered up he changed his mind. So this is the family we think he would have started with. We have Capri Anderson from his New York drinking binge. Kacey Jordan who got the 30,000$ check from his last party night. Bree Olson who was “hanging out” with Charlie in Las Vegas. And then there is Melanie Rios who was with Charlie the same night as Kacey Jordan. Keep checking back as we’ll update with any new porn stars that Charlie decides to “party” with.

capri-anderson kacey-jordan

bree-olson melanie-rios

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